"Smartest Man in the World" (MM0005)

With his newest band, the Sheetrockers (featuring their ‘drywall of sound’), Supe and the boys rollick with the straight forward style of a garage band, combined with the high level of musicianship that characterizes their Nashville home. This 13 song collection is a compilation of 10 new songs and three ‘real old songs that never got recorded properly’. Joining Tim Politte (drums), Michael Webb (keyboards), Matt Mauch (lap steel, dobro), and Ed Cain (bass), is Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson’s harmonica player), Bob Britt (Dixie Chicks’ guitar wizard), Ray Kennedy (award winning producer - Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams), and NRBQ sax man Jim Hoke.
With such an eclectic musical cast, even the cover photography presents an interesting story. A self-portrait of Weldon King, who was staff photographer for Life magazine in the 40’s and 50’s, and the man responsible for the 3-D images used in Viewmasters, the photo of the ‘Smartest Man in the World’ is a tribute to the man who Supe has recently befriended, and still resides in the Ozarks.


1. Nicolette
2. I Got a Funny Feeling
3. I Don't Even Know Her Name
4. Enough is Enough
5. Smartest Man in the World
6. If You Can't See That, You Can't See Nothing
7. Top of the Heap
8. Gonna Buy Me a Car
9. When He Dances With Frances
10. Born With a Beard
11. Nothing's Been Right Since You Left
12. Never Say Never

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