Not since Buck Owens and Roy Clark picked & grinned, have two guys with such
serious musical chops had so much fun with corn. Mark & Mike blend offbeat
humor, impeccable timing and great playing into one of country music's
funniest new acts. Of themselves, the team says, "We like to think we're what
Homer & Jethro could have become if they'd lived to see Dumb & Dumber."

‘Mark’ is Mark Horn, best known to country music fans as the longtime
drummer of The Derailers. Before moving back to Nashville and hooking up with
Mike, he made numerous Grand Ole Opry appearances with the popular Austin
band. "I've been a banjo player for a long time," says Mark, "so I'm used to
laughing at me. At least, this way it's on purpose."

‘Mike’ is Mike Granda, known to much of the world as ‘Supe du Jour’. This
talented, multi-instrumentalist is no stranger to the comic form, having
performed through the years with the Garbonzos, as well as continuing to front the
hilarious Supe & the Sandwiches.

The Nashville Scene’s, Jack Silverman describes ‘Sing Along’ with, “They
have enough chops, charm and goofiness to make it work. Their Grandpa Jones
meets Brave Combo aesthetic produces music equally appropriate for a 6-year-old’s
birthday party or drunken afterhours revelry.”

1. Biscuits & Gravy
2. Hey, Bill
3. Belly Button Polka
4. Jesus & Muhammad
5. Fall Down, Go Boom
6. From The Grand Ole Opry to the Venice Caf
7. It Ain’t Rocket Science, It’s Rock-n-Roll
8. 30 Days in the Workhouse
9. Local King
10. I’m Broke
11. C’mon If You’re Comin’
12. Did You Ever See a Hog Eat a Snake?
13. Chicken Train