Same Shift, Different Day (MM0007)
Supe duJour

"I've never approached making my demos like a lot of Nashville guys", claims Supe duJour, a.k.a. Michael Granda. "Good enough is not good enough. I've always recorded my songs to sound like records. I tell the musicians to just play their asses off and not play it safe". This approach is evident on 'Same Shift, Different Day', Supe's latest effort, and first batch of new material since 1999's, 'Smartest Man in the World'. (2002's, 'Pasta Man' was a 'live' recording of his greatest hits).

 This disc is the result of two, separate, five-song sessions, conducted in 2004. One was with long-time friend and Ozark Mountain Daredevil partner, Larry Lee. "Larry and I hadn't been in the studio together for some time. When he offered his, I jumped at the chance. I had a batch of songs. He twiddled knobs".

 Two of the songs from this session (Side 1) are written with veteran, Nashville song writers, Tim Carroll ('Same Shift, Different Day') and Duane Jarvis ('So Far, So Good'). "Then, we decided to cut, 'Take Me Back Down the the River', a song we had played, decades ago and was written by Daredevil compadre, Steve Canaday. We cut it, not only because we liked the song, but to pay tribute to Steve".

 The second five-songer (Side 2) is alongside songwriting partner, Trent Summar. "He and I had written many of the songs for his New Row Mob records", Supe recalls. "But, we still had quite a few in the can. We picked five and went into Mike Webb's studio. They're a little sillier than the songs that were chosen for his records. But, we still kept our "hillbillies on whiskey and weed" approach. The band was terrific".

 Consisting of veteran drummer, Paul Griffith (Allison Moorer), guitar slinger, Bob Britt (Dixie Chicks), keyboardist, Mike Webb (Mark Germino) and pedal steel player, Mike Daly (Hank Williams, Jr.), five, raucous tunes went up in a cloud of smokin' rock-n-roll. Trent recalls, "Supe and I wrote 'Pigs, Cows, Chicken Feed and Beer' on the morning we learned Joey Ramone had died. We even included a 'Hey, Ho, Let's Go' last chorus as a tribute".

 The band assembled for Larry's session is another fine blend of musicianship and friendship. Once again, Paul Griffith kept tempo for a band that included old friend and pedal steel guitar legend, Buddy Cage (New Riders of the Purple Sage), keyboard wizard, Kelly Brown (Skeletons) and guitarist, Steve Newman (Domino Kings).

 This ten-song set is another fine example of the wacky, 'off the wall' songs Supe has become known for. The traditional 'bonus track' is, once again, Dr. Demento material.

1. Friend of a Friend of Mine
2. Same Shift, Different Day
3. Careless Words
4. So Far, So Good
5. Take Me Back Down to the River
6. Lets Get a Party Started
7. Big Hammer
8. I Shot Cupid With a Gun
9. Mary Wanna Dance With Me
10. Pigs, Cows, Chicken Feed and Beer