"Profit Man"
Dog People

This 3-song, 12" vinyl disc captures the rock-n-roll mayhem spread by the Dogs as they howled throughout the roaring 80's. Originally released in 1987, this collection, with titles like "Too Many Turtles", "Wassa Matta Whichya, Baby", as well as the title track "Profit Man", are a testament to the rollicking times these canines had when they slung their guitars on, grabbed their beers, and assulted their audiences. Their stage shows were (and still are) legendary, and their annual Christmas reunion gigs are still a staple on many of their fans' holiday iteneraries. Their line-up, through the years, has remained intact. Wunderle's powerful vocals are second to none. Terry Wilson's super-sonic guitar work can be found on numerous morning cartoon shows, as well as his work with his band, The Rave-ups. Drummer, Tom Whitlock, won an Academy Award for co-writing "Take My Breath Away", as well as "Danger Zone" from the "Top Gun" soundtrack. Supe duJour's bass work is still as solid, and Polish, as ever.
Long live vinyl.


1. Too Many Turtles
2. Profit Man
3. Wassa Matta Whichya, Baby
4. Little Tootle Doo