Pasta Man (MM0006)
Supe & the Sandwiches 'live' at the Outland

    Originally slated to be part of Slewfoot Records' "South Ave. Live"
series, this 11 song effort, captures the high powered rock-n-roll, and
musical hijinx, Supe and the boys have been working on around Springfield,
Mo. for years. This disc, which some consider a 'greatest hits' package,
contains songs covered by Chet Atkins and Augie Meyers.
    This 2001 show at The Outland, was recorded by next door neighbor Lou
Whitney in The Studio. As a small cable, fed through a hole in the wall,
directly connected the Outland's stage to the Studio's digital recording
console, there are 24 tracks of fun on each song.
    Joining Supe in this latest edition of Sandwiches are Richie Rebuth
(guitar), Kelly Brown (keyboards), and Ed Hines (bass), all of the
instrumental band Rags to Rich's. Former Sheetrocker drummer, Tim Politte
rounds out the combo, along with cameo appearances by harmonica wizard Mark
'T-Bone" Wilhoit, and song writing partner Mark "Howie" Denny.

1. Carlene
2. Happy Hour
3. Jerri Lynn
4. I Was Wrong When I Said I Was Wrong
5. Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. Night
6. Pasta Man
7. Smartest Man in the World
8. I Believe I'll Be Leavin'
9. Ode to Mel Bay
10. Local King
11. I Got a Funny Feeling
12. Hey Jose
13. I Don't Do Lunch
14. Walking Blues
15. It's So Nice Out

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