Meat the Sandwiches (cassette)
Supe & the Sandwiches

    This 11 song cassette, contains the very first recordings of the original
Sandwiches, as they stomped and snorted around the Ozarks in the 80's and
90's. Released in 1991, this collection of songs, combined with the 1990
release "Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, evolved into "the Springfield Chronicles".
    Several outakes that didn't make it onto the Chronicles, are included,
capturing the Springfield, MO. quintet's blistering brand of rock-n-roll. The
Sandwiches, consisting of Don Shipps (bass), Bill Brown (guitar), Mark
Wilhoit (harmonica), and Jerry Revella (drums), come down the mountain going
fast, fast, fast.

1. I Don't Do Lunch
2. Gonna Buy Me a Car
3. Lord of the Shuffleboard
4. Missing Letter
5. City Limits


1. Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. Night
2. Yuppie Blues
3. Happy Hour
4. Hey Jose
5. Local King
6. Dial 1-800-WHEN-I'M-GONE