by Michael Supe Granda

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Missouri Mule Music is proud to announce the release of “I Married a Cubs Fan”, the latest song from the pen of Ozark Mountain Daredevils bassist, St. Louis native and current Nashville songwriter, Michael Supe Granda. An avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, Granda’s song is an autobiographical account of his meeting, courtship and wedding to his wife, a Springfield, Illinois resident and Chicago Cubs fan.

The whimsical tale, complete with banjo and ball park organ, not only describes the differences between the two spouses, but also describes the good-natured rivalry the two storied baseball franchises maintain to this day. This is evident when Granda sings, “We make the odd couple, but just our luck. We both like Harry Caray and we both like Jack Buck. It may be a bit unusual, but we give thanks. We both like Stan Musial and we both like Ernie Banks.”

As the song ends, Granda reassures everyone that he loves his wife, but has “true blue, Cardinal red flowing through my blood”. The song has become an anthem to many households throughout the Midwest, who hold one spouse from each camp under its roof. It is sure to bring a toe tapping smile to both Cardinal and Cub fans, as well as baseball fans, everywhere.

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