"The Springfield Chronicles"
Supe and the Sandwiches

A "live" in-the-studio disc, chronicling the "full steam ahead" approach of the original Sandwich band that rocked the Ozarks in the 80's and 90's. As Mother Nature and mildew began to reclaim the master tapes, as they sat on the shelf, the two previously released cassettes, "Meat the Sandwiches", and "Greatest Hits, Vol. 3" were remastered, and combined, to make one rockin' good time CD. The final track "Dial 1-800-WHEN-I'M-GONE" was featured on a 1990 Dr. Dimento Show.


1. Rockin' Chair
2. Makin' a Living, Not a Killing
3. Chains of Misery
4. Happy Hour
5. Hey Jose
6. Ode to Mel Bay
7. Pasta Man
8. Secret Weapon
9. Yuppie Blues
10. Born with a Beard
11. Local King
12. Lord of the Shuffleboard
13. City Limits
14. Dial 1-800-WHEN-I'M-GONE

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