Fall Down, Go Boom
Supe duJour

    After hearing numerous comments of "Quit trying to be one of those
Nashville cookie cutter song writing guys. We want some more of those really
stupid songs you used to write", Supe woodshedded into his B.A. Bay Studios,
and under the watchful eye of famed producer Garth Branson, waded into his
recent batch of 'serious silliness'.
    As other tunes were getting recorded, duJour collected some of his
wackier songs, that just weren't seeming to find their way onto tape, and
laid them onto his 4 track recorder. This 10 song disc contains songs
co-written with Mark Horn (Blue Chieftans, Derailers), John Ehlers
(Garbonzos), and Trent Summar, as well as the traditional hidden track by the
'Mark & Mike Show'.
    Playing all of the bass, guitars, and mandolin, as well as his drum
machine, Supe is joined by Horn on banjo, Mike Webb on accordion, and Chris
James on keyboards.

1. She Was Ugly
2. Belly Button Polka
3. Fall Down, Go Boom
4. Count Me Out
5. Picking Up Things
6. It Just Don't Swing
7. Venice Cafe Polka
8. Du-Bee, Du-Bee
9. Nine Days
10. Did You Ever See a Hog Eat a Snake?
11. Hey Bill