"Eat Our Beans"
the Garbonzos

This eleven song exploration into the convivial world of Garbonzo-ism, sets this group apart from any other group of musicians anywhere on the planet. Formed in the early 70's, this costumed aggregate jumps through flaming hoops, and around stages in a cartoon-like manner, their manic, accordion drive sound covering a wide array of styles, including traditional polka, bluegrass, raggae, and cajun. They have appeared on "Good Morning America", as well as numerous local television shows. float trips, and chili cook-offs. With songs like "Blue Beach Balls", and "Underwear", the Garbonzos successfully capture their mischievousness onto disc.


1. Gypsy Song
2. Blue Beach Balls
3. Underwear
4. Ooh-La-La
5. Hey, Hey, Hey
6. Get Along Better
7. Happy Hour
8. Texas Tango
9. Ho De Nayo
10. Give Me Love, Give Me Life
11. Gorilla Man

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