Supe & the Sandwiches


Missouri Mule Music is proud to announce the release of “Fall Down, Go Boom”, the latest litter of songs (a.k.a. new CD) from Supe & the Sandwiches – and the first since their 2003 release of “Pasta Man”. “Fall Down” is a continuation of the frolicking rock-n-roll the band has brought to audiences for two decades, three cities and dozens of line-up changes. Still standing in the middle is St. Louis native, Ozark Mountain Daredevils bassist and current Nashville songwriter, Michael Supe Granda (a.k.a. Supe duJour).  

Originally slated as the follow-up to 2006’s “Sing Along with Mark & Mike”, “Fall Down” began when Supe started writing songs with Mark Horn (co-writer on five of the tunes). The two quickly assembled a rock-n-roll band, introduced a small horn section and began playing Wednesday nights at the Family Wash – East Nashville’s coziest and friendliest restaurant/bar. Each week, Granda (who wrote, or co-wrote all fourteen tunes) found his rock-n-roll roots. When he locked in with Horn’s swinging drums, the two laid down a funky beat that lent itself more to the zany antics of the Sandwiches than to the Homer & Jethroesque twang of Mark & Mike’s banjo and mandolin.

Along with the tunes written with Horn, Granda has included songs written with long-time collaborator, Mark ‘Howie’ Denny (the two had success in 1997 when Chet Atkins recorded their “Ode to Mel Bay”), John Ehlers (from the Ozark’s legendary polka band, the Garbonzos) and Nashville veteran, the late Tommy Riggs (who produced Supe’s first record, “Makin’ a Living, Not a Killing” in 1994). Also included are a couple Christmas songs. “I’d wanted to make a Christmas album for a long time”, Supe states. “But, I’d only written two songs - one of which was written in a drunken, Chuck Berry stupor on my birthday, which happens to be Christmas Eve. This felt like a natural place for them to see the light of day”.

Whether swinging with a horn section, polkaing with an accordion, or rocking with an electric guitar, all fourteen songs are spawned from Supe’s ‘tongue-in-cheek’ penchant for music that is more suited for the humerous bone than the sensitive nerve. “I’m serious about my silliness” he claims. Sandwich fans will be thrilled with this latest batch of silliness.

1. Count Me Out

2. Fall Down, Go Boom

3. No Looking Back

4. She Was Ugly

5. Nine Days

6. Stop, Look & Listen

7. Reindeer Thing

8. Happy Birthday to Me (Night Before Christmas)

9. Listen to the Boys Go, “Ooh-aah”

10. She My “My, My, My”

11. Pickin’ Up Things

12. New Set of Problems

13. Demolition Derby

14. Venice Café Polka

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